Wedge Shoes

Fashionable wedge shoes for Spring and Summer seasons.

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Ladies Wedge Shoes for Comfort

Although there are many super high heeled versions of womens wedge shoes and wedge sandals, there are also many low heels and almost flat versions. The difference between a totally flat sandal or womens shoes styles and a slight wedge heel is the comfort of having a little incline for ankle and arch and tendon support.

It is actually more comfortable to have a wedge of cork than to walk on a totally flat sole. Many women will notice that when they have no heel at all their calves ache at the end of the day.

I’m not saying you should go out and buy purple platform wedge shoes or wedge tennis shoes with a 6 inch lift, I’m saying that a little mary jane or a simple wedge boot or wedge sandals for the beach are much more comfortable with a little angled cork above the sole.

Discount Wedge Shoes

You love those wedge heels and espadrilles and sexy cut out wedge shoes in the magazine and what all the celebrities seem to be wearing, but the designer wedge shoes you see are way out of your price range. Try a little something different. There are some online wedge shoes at discount prices that are the exact same wedge sandals and wedge boots you see in the magazine but a season behind. Here are some great examples of what to look for between $40 and $70:

Betseyville Davan Peep-Toe wedge shoes that were originally $100 or the Asian inspired Arturo Chiang Mireya Canvas Peep-Toe wedge shoes that are less of a high wedge heel and more of a casual pump. Also the famous BCB Girls platform wedge has come down in price to a 50% discount of under $60. This is a great value for name brand ladies shoes.

Cole Haan also has some specials on patent leather wedge heels like the oh so comfy Air Rana Mule. Or choose the Franco Sarto leather espadrille for under $40 or for just $9 more indulge in the buckle version of the Franco Sarto niche leather wedge creation.

Ideas For Women’s Wedge Shoes

There’s too much choice available for many of us when it comes to choosing wedge shoes. What we need to do is get some advice from some one with experience who can tell us what is worth looking at. With that in mind here are some good ideas for comfortable ladies wedge shoes.

Nana Teeny low wedge shoes with a sassy decorative bow or the ever soft and cozy Naturalizer Rivet, which is a leather shoe with a low wedge that’s almost flat.

Also the Naturalizer Rockford is a good wedge sandal choice because it’s still sexy in black faux patent leather but is actually a low slingback sandal.

For winter there’s a nice little number by Jessica Simpson called the Ocho from the collection of leather wedge boots with buckles and for just under $50.

Womens Shoes and Sandals

Womens shoes are for the ladies, although men may look at them and admire them, it´s the ladies that buy them and wear them and they know what they like. They must be sexy, comfy, high-heeled, low flats, mary jane, walking shoes, runners, dancing shoes…yes all rolled into one if you please! And thanks to someone who came up with ladies wedge shoes that just about satisfied all the women’s footwear needs.

Women’s wedge shoes are totally unique because they can be called a “wedge” without being similar in style. For example, there’s a platform wedge shoe that’s totally trendy and hip while the wedge tennis shoes are for the sporty gals. Then there are wedge boots that even have traction in snow and on the other extreme there are designer wedge shoes from the almost flat mary janes to 4 inch wedge heel of the super strappy, sexy wedge shoes that come in red and gold and pink and purple.

In summer there’s scarcely a lady who doesn’t own a few wedge sandals because there are the espadrille woven heal sandals that warp round the ankle for wearing with a dress, or the slip on thong type wedges that work great a the beach. Womens shoes are so much more comfy and fun to shop for now that wedges have come back in style.

Cheap Wedge Shoes

Although wedge shoes are thought of as being quite expensive due to the number of designers making them and the fact that most Hollywood stars are being seen wearing them you can actually pick them up very cheap if you know where to look.

The fact that everyone in Hollywood wears wedge shoes may catch the attention of the designers who rush to release their own unaffordable versions, but it also means the high street stores get in the act and release their copycat versions which may not be up to the same standard of workmanship but look great nonetheless.

So get yourself down to the nearest department store you can find and hunt out a pair of cheap wedge shoes to show off at the weekend. If you live out in the sticks you will be pleased to hear that you can get an even bigger range of womens wedge shoes Online form a massive range of shoes. So, what are you waiting for?

Wedge Shoes - For Any Occassion

If you are a professional career woman then you know the pressure that is on you to look good every day whether you feel up to it or not. It also means you have to make sacrifices to look good when you would rather be wearing a pair of denims and sneakers.

High heels may not be the most comfortable piece of clothing in the wardrobe but they are considered by many to be essential footwear for a lady who is trying to get ahead.

Its unfortunate that many feel this way as there are other options that are going to make your days far more comfortable and aren’t going to leave you with your shoes in your hands when a heel snaps for the umpteenth time.

Wedge shoes are the choice of women in the know. They are smart, sexy and so comfortable when you find the right pair that you won’t want to take them off.

This blog is going to take a look at the wide variety of womens wedge shoes available on the high street and on the Internet. We’ll discover designs for ever possible use, whether you’re going to the most important job interview of your life or you are heading to the beach for the day.